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Meet Thomson Ivins

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in finance, I began
my 20-year corporate career at one of the “big 4” consulting firms, eventually serving as
Vice President for four years for Houston based change management company. During
my tenure, we were awarded a top 10 fastest growing companies in Houston twice
(Houston Fast 100) and nominated three times for Houston’s Best and Brightest Places
to Work.  
As the son of a naval aviator, I always had the desire to work with veterans in ‘some’
capacity. After volunteering at a trauma recovery center in Conroe, TX, I discovered the
world of mental health counseling. Shortly after, I began my journey into the mental
health counseling field by enrolling in the Master’s program at Sam Houston State
Upon graduating, I joined the Council on Recovery and have since served as the lead
mental health counselor at two high schools in Houston. Additionally, I became the lead
program trainer for Motivational Interviewing.
I started my doctoral studies in August of 2022 and fully believe that continual education
and learning is fundamental to my professional development.

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Licensed Professional Counselor

I have been a requested speaker at Entelec, The Society of Petroleum Engineers, the National Career Development Association, Chevron, Young Men of Katy, Young Men of North Houston, Spring Woods High School, St. Francis Episcopal, and as a guest lecturer at both Florida State University and Sam Houston State University. I have delivered over 100 presentations on high-risk behaviors and the adolescent brain, motivational interviewing, and facilitated marital and couples counseling seminars. 

My passion is helping all those who have aspirations of growing in their life and
relationships, but lacking the internal resources necessary to navigate the intra-personal barriers standing in their way.  My 25 years of professional experience provide me with a diverse background which helped shape my belief that an investment in people is essential to creating a thriving and rewarding life.   
Ultimately, I believe that truthful conversations redeem people.

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